Customer Support

RapidFS Paycard comes in handy for a wide range of activities. Once your card is activated, you need to contact customer support in order to activate your account.


The Customer Support Team at RapidFS is available 24/7 to help you out with any query of yours, any problem you are facing. For different requirements, various customer support contact details are available on the official portal. 

Customer Support helps you with your card activation, solving your complaints and fulfilling your requests, as well as providing your notification services. 

Card Activation: One of the most important services provided by the customer support team is card activation. Once the card is issued, you can contact customer support at 1-877-380-0980 for activating your card. 

Card Personalization: At the time of activating your card, you can even request to the customer support representative to upgrade your card at no additional cost. As the instant issue card doesn’t have your name, you need to put a separate request for personalization. 


Card Lost or Stolen: If you have lost your card or it is stolen by someone, there is nothing to worry about. Just contact the customer support team at 1-877-380-0980 to report your card lost/stolen and request a new card. It is ideal to contact the customer support team as soon as possible in order to avoid any unauthorized transactions from your account. 

Free Text Alerts**: You can avail the free text alert services provided by the company to get text messages about various services. You just have to send a text with the service-specific code to 90831.

  • For Current Balance, text BAL.
  • For Saving Account Balance, text SAV.
  • For the last 5 transaction details, text TRANS. 

(**While rapid! PayCard does not charge for this feature and service. Standard text messaging, data, and cellular rates may apply. Please check with your cell phone carrier and inquire about fees your carrier may associate with these services.)

If you have any query or problem which is not mentioned above, you can still contact the customer support team 24/7.