Help & Support

RapidFS Paycard is an efficient platform for several financial and payroll services. It is an easy-to-access portal where users can access their accounts securely and safely.


Although, it is possible that, at times, users might face some technical glitches or problems. It is advisable that users should take assistance from the customer support team, which is available 24/7. 

Login Error: If users are facing a login error, that means that either they are entering the wrong User ID/card account number or the wrong password. Do check the credentials correctly to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Users can reset their User ID and password by using the forgot User ID/Password option.

Browser Error: The RapidFS portal is accessible on several browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Safari (for Mac operating systems only), Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge. It is advisable that users keep their browser version updated for a smooth experience. 

It is possible that the site might work on other browsers too, but those browsers are not recommended because of security reasons. Older versions of the browser will also work, but some of the visual appearances, layout, and other design features, may not be of the highest quality. 

Authorization Code: At the time of login, an authorization code is sent to the email address of the user. If an authorization code hasn’t been received by users, then they should check their email address or the spam/junk folder of their email. 

Apart from the above-given problems, if users need any support or help, they can always write an email to [email protected]. It is also recommended that users add this email address to their contact book so that the email system can verify emails coming from this Id as verified.