Login Essentials

RapidFS is an easy to access portal for the users who want to avail benefits of a wide range of financial services provided by rapid! Financial Services LLC, a US-based company.


If you are already a user of paycard, you are updated with all the aspects of accessing and using your account. But if you are a new user, it is possible that you have some queries and doubts in your mind. 

If you want to use the company’s various services, you must complete the registration process first. If you are already a registered user, then activating your card is the next step. Once your card is activated, you have to login in order to gain access to your account. 

RapidFS Login Essentials

Below we have discussed the login essentials required for accessing RapidFS Account:

  • The very first login essential is that you must be connected to the internet.
  • A working web browser is another essential requirement for a smooth login process.
  • If you want to access your account on your smartphone, you can simply do it by downloading the rapid!Access Mobile App, available on Google Play Store and App Store.
  • The login credential is the most essential thing for logging into your account. Login credentials include your User ID, Card Account Number, and Password. 
  • If you don’t remember your login credential, you can always use the forgot User Id/ Password feature to reset the credentials. 

Similarly, for client login, the essentials are similar to what is given above. Client login doesn’t require a card account number.

RapidFS has kept the login process as simple and easy to access as possible. If you have checked all the essentials given above, then you are all set to login into your account and avail the services and benefits of RapidFS Paycard.