RapidFS Paycard provides a wide array of services to its users. One can access the official portal by simply providing login credentials on the login page. Users can access all the services once they are successfully logged in.


The RapidFS paycard can be accessed in two ways, i.e., by accessing the portal online or by accessing it through the phone. On the portal, there are various services available. On the RapidFS Login page, users can access the following listed services:

  • Users can check their account balance and transaction activity.
  • Online bill payment is also possible once users log in to the portal.
  • Users have the option to sign up for email or SMS notifications.
  • Booking Hotels and flights are yet another service that users can access from the portal.
  • If users want to look into a savings plan, they can simply look for it in the login portal. According to their requirement, users can subscribe to a particular saving plan. 
  • The latest updates and news service is also provided on the portal from time to time. 


Users can also use the card for online or retail purchases. Users can also earn cashback rewards and redeem them from time to time. Hence, if you want to shop, it is beneficial to use the paycard to fetch some rewards. 

With the card’s activation, users can access various card services such as free savings account, subscription to a savings plan, transfer of funds, sending checks, social security benefits, tax returns, and much more. 

Just in case if users are low on cash, they can withdraw money from their account using the paycard from their nearest ATM, where Mastercard or Visa Debit card is accepted. Depending on the available balance, the card can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs and purchase goods or services up to USD 3,500 per day.